PRESS RELEASE – Paris, September 21st, 2023

The H2Pole project makes a step ahead towards the development of a Green Hydrogen Supply Chain connecting Spain with North-West Europe.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (“MHI”) adheres to the Memorandum of Understanding between Sojitz, Reganosa, and Rubis Terminal for the development of a Green Hydrogen Supply Chain connecting Galicia and North-West Europe.

About H2PoleProject:

Reganosa is developing the H2Pole project, first-ever regional hydrogen-project labelled as “Strategic Industrial Project”, will consist in a green-hydrogen production facility located in the Galicia, Northwest of Spain. Its initial phase operational in 2026, will target regional customers.

In a second stage, the H2Pole Project is looking forward to expanding its production
to export green hydrogen or green hydrogen-carriers produced in Galicia
to Northwest Europe (e.g. Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp, “ARA”) where import demand is expected to surge in the coming years to reach 2050 net zero targets.

About MHI:

MHI is one of the world’s leading industrial groups, spanning energy, smart infrastructure, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense.

About Reganosa:

Reganosa Asset Investments is a fully owned subsidiary of parent company Reganosa Holdco S.A.

About Sojitz:

Japan-oriented global trading and investment firm in the field of a wide range
of industries including energy and renewable power.

About Rubis Terminal:

Logistics international company specialized in storage and handling of bulk liquid
& gas in Europe (France, Spain, ARA: Antwerp and Rotterdam).


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