Celebration, Challenge and Unity: Rubis Terminal 2023 Safety Day!

Rubis Terminal celebrated the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on its 23 locations, simultaneously, on April 26th.

Rubis Terminal teams in France, The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium took a break in their daily activity to reflect on the value of working Always Safe, every day, everywhere and at all circumstances.

The Safety Day presents a chance to approach safety discussions in a fresh and positive manner, in a different setting, and collectively with a yearly theme and a specific activity, with a simultaneous celebration taking place at all our sites. Last year we were pleasantly surprised by the positive impact in our organisation of the photo featuring letters from all our employees, which conveyed the message of “We Work Always Safe Together”.

22 safety day Rubis Terminal

This year’s activity was a bit more challenging for both the terminals as well as offices. The Safety Day is a part of the 2023 campaign about Life Saving Rules with the launch of the introductory video of the “9 life-saving rules” in each of the group’s 4 countries in January. In addition to your regular toolbox meetings and safety talks, an awareness program through talks and posters is being held every month with a presentation and discussion of each rule.

These rules are the result of a consensus widely shared by the entire industry and therefore present themes that can be adapted to both professional practice and private practice. The content is also based on the expertise and experience we have within the group, in particular the information transmitted from all the sites.

The participation to the toolboxes were helpful to be ready for the challenge of the “Safety Day Cup”!

16 questions, related to your company and safety, 4 answers to pick from as quickly as possible and only 1 winning site, the competition was tough.

Our terminal in Brest finished as the winner, and France proudly fills the entire podium. Spanish, Belgium and Dutch teams have already sworn to take their revenge next year!