The 2019 gender equality index for Rubis Terminal SA located in France is 84/100.

This score is higher than French national average of 83 for large companies and 82 for medium-sized companies.This index is calculated on the basis of 4 criteria:

  • The pay gap between women and men remuneration (maximum 40 points).
  • The gap in the rate of individual pay increases between women and men (maximum of 35 points).
  • The share of female employees whose pay has been increased on return from maternity leave (maximum 15 points).
  • The number of women represented among the 10 highest paid (maximum 10 points).

The personnel concerned are based at the Paris facility, the Strasbourg chemical depot, and Grand Quevilly, Petit Quevilly, Salaise sur Sanne, Val de la Haye and Village Neuf depots.