photo © Gilles Dacquin

Support, added value, flexibility


A wide range of associated services is provided by Rubis Terminal in addition to its storage activity.

The objective of the Group is to adapt to its customers ‘strategies, by providing tailored services, based on a strong commercial relationship.

To develop this high added value activity, we are constantly in close contact with our customers and are always listening to the market to understand their expectations and adapt to their requirements:

We currently provide the following services:

  • Storage in stainless steel, mild steel, coated, insulated and/or heated tanks,
  • Un/loading barges, ships, tanktrucks and trains,
  • Pipeline reception and transfers,
  • Products blending in tanks,
  • Biofuels and additives blending in line and in tanks,
  • Dilution,
  • Temperature control and/or reheating of products (steam, water or electrical),
  • Cooling,
  • Recirculation,
  • Vapour return and processing systems covering a wide range of products,
  • Nitrogen blanketing: providing industrial nitrogen for storage under nitrogen and transport,
  • Ship, barge and train transhipments,
  • Management of administrative and customs documents,
  • Demineralized water,
  • Ships degassing,
  • Drumming.