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Reliability, commitment, regulation compliance

Quality Health Safety Environment

The Rubis Terminal Group management policy is based on Quality, Health, Safety and respect of the Environment. This system assesses and evaluates the industrial risks in order to respond to issues of concern such as environment protection and safety.

Rubis Terminal meets the current certification standards for its activity in France and internationally :

  • ISO 9001 for the following terminals : Rubis Terminal Dunkerque-RTD, the site of Rouen, Stockbrest, the site of Strasbourg Chemicals, The Société Européenne de Stockage (SES), the site of Village-Neuf, the Société du Dépôt de Saint-Priest (SDSP), the site of Salaise-sur-Sanne, Rubis Terminal BV, ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp, Rubis Terminal Petrol, the sites of Dépôts Pétroliers de Corse : Ajaccio and Bastia, the sites of TEPSA : Barcelona, Bilbao, Tarragona, Valencia,
  • ISO 14001 for the terminals of Strasbourg Chemicals, Salaise-sur-Sanne, Rubis Terminal BV, Rubis Terminal Petrol and for petroleum products on the sites of Rubis Terminal Dunkerque RTD, Rouen, Strasbourg Chemicals, Barcelona, Bilbao, Tarragona, Valencia,
  • CDI-T (Chemical Distribution Institute-Terminals) ) for the chemicals sites of Rouen, Strasbourg Chemicals, Salaise-sur-Sanne, Rubis Terminal BV, ITC Rubis Terminal Antwerp, Barcelona, Bilbao, Tarragona, Valencia,
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and critical control points) for its agro products storage facilities.

In addition, some specific certifications may be set up on customers’ demand.

The Group policy is to provide its staff, suppliers, customers, authorities, and residents with a guarantee of :

  • Operational security and safety,
  • Maintaining the quality of the products received,
  • Land, water and air protection,
  • Managing major industrial risks.

To meet its QHSE commitments, Rubis Terminal :

  • Respects all current regulations,
  • Is committed to customer satisfaction by taking their particular requirements into account and through voluntary commitments,
  • Follows three basic principles in terms of safety and environmental issues: assessing, anticipating, committing to an ongoing process of improving the system,
  • Set up a safety management system to prevent incidents,
  • Carries out internal Quality, Safety and Environmental audits,
  • Provides training for its teams in operational risks, to be able to deal with emergency situations.


Whistleblower platform

A whistleblower is “a former or current employee who witnessed non-trivial illegitimate, unethical or illegal practices carried out with a consent from superiors and who disclose such practices to persons or institutions that may be able to effect action” (According to a definition from Transparency International). The whistleblower must have the means to launch his alert with complete confidentiality. In order to meet these obligations, Rubis has developed the « Integrityline » platform accessible to all employees of the 3 branches of the Group but also external and casual contractors.

To issue an alert, simply log in to the secure website

Since early 2019, this system has been gradually diffused to Rubis Terminal employees and external and casual contractors. In France, the platform was presented in order to get feedback from Representative Staff Institutions. When these do not exist, the platform was presented to all employees of the terminal able to make themselves available. Each time, the managers of the terminals were associated with this process, a demonstration of the functioning of the site was made, and a fruitful exchange with the collaborators was created. Concurrently, each employee was given a newsletter reminding them of the platform’s existence. For external and casual contractors, such as temporary staff, employees of a subcontractor, or service provider, the information was made through a poster campaign on site. The professional alert platform is also available to Rubis Terminal employees worldwide and its deployment is adapted to local legislation.

• Any Rubis Terminal employee and
• Any external or casual contractor

• Corruption
• Fraud
• Conflict of interest
• Anti-competitive practice

In the event of an alert issued selfishlessly and in good faith.
• Respect for the confidentiality of your alert and your identity
• No reprisal
• No harassment
• No discrimination

The full details of the scheme are detailed in the freely accessible procedure on the website:

Code of ethics

 « The will to undertake, the Corporate Commitment »
The corporate spirit, the uniqueness and team-culture that unite us all, wherever we are based.
“We store, handle or transport products safely and in an environmentally sound manner”


Through its Code of Ethics Rubis Terminal seeks to unite all employees behind a set core of essential common values (notably social, ethical, environmental) that the Group wishes to see respected by everyone, everywhere.

This Code of Ethics also sets out the general anti-corruption guidelines that employees shall follow.